By Matthew A. Moore
Updated April 27, 2018

Hi, I'm Matthew! I enjoy playing soccer, watching college football, decorating my office cube in memes, and stuffing my face with snacks.

Where were we? Oh, yeah—snacks. As part of an ongoing blog series, I've consented to allowing you good people to revel in the glory that is my snack drawer. Consider this post as sort of quasi-Cribs: 58wang-Style. Feast your eyes!

THE RUNDOWN (from left to right): - Roasted, unsalted almonds. My protein snack go-to. It's healthy fat, quick and delicious. - Apple quinoa granola. Because when I don't eat bacon and eggs for breakfast ( in that regard), I need something to snack on. - Patron XO Cafe Liqueur. Mondays happen on a weekly basis, Judgy Judgerton. - Pineapple slices. Gives me a sweet snack option so I don't take the freight elevator to the first floor vending room in search of something much more sinister. - Clementines. Scurvy can happen on land too, me mateys. - Granny Smith apples. I read somewhere once that apples can give you the same kind of pick-me-up as a cup of coffee or tea. Whether or not it's true, they're still my morning snack fave. - Apple chips. Okay, so maybe I'm a fan of apples.

There you have it, folks! If you're interested in replenishing my stock of Patron XO Cafe Liqueur, it can be purchased  and I can be ed here for shipping info. Cheers.

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