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December 30, 2015

Living with diabetes is no easy feat—the careful planning, constant monitoring, and dietary limits can be daunting for anyone, whether you were diagnosed yesterday or years ago. is a cookbook that’s totally here to help you solve your dietary dilemmas.

The stars of the show? Twenty “power foods” recommended by the American Diabetes Association that aim to make living with the disease easier—and healthier! We’re back for round two of highlights that will fit right in with your fall and winter menus.

Spotlight on: CitrusIn addition to , citrus fruits are healthy, tasty add-ons for diabetic-friendly meals. They’re crazy-rich in vitamin C, but also boast other heart-healthy antioxidants that reduce inflammation in arteries and help lower cholesterol. Need potassium, too? Check. Magnesium? Check. Folate? Yep, citrus fruits have you covered.

Oranges and grapefruit* are particularly excellent team players – they pack plenty of fiber (which keeps you feeling full!) and are perfect flavor boosts for salads and other dishes.

*Grapefruit can react with some heart medications, so talk to your doctor before you go for it!

Check back soon for more highlights and recipes from . (And in the meantime,  at a bookstore near you.

More Resources for Diabetics:

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