As grilling season kicks into high gear, mix up your usual BBQ spread with these flavorful, fun, and colorful kebabs.

By Antara Sinha
Updated: June 26, 2017
Photo: Jennifer Causey

Use seasonal vegetables and add whatever protein you prefer for crowd-pleasing, show-stopping kebabs that will have everyone please everyone reaching for another skewer. Fragrant spices, perfectly complimentary sides and sauces, and a wide array of crisp veggies can be customized to appeal to even the pickiest of palates. Here are some of our favorite skewered recipes to add to your appetizer, side, or main dish repertoire.

Photo: Jennifer Causey

1. Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin Kebabs

These kebabs take less than half an hour to pull together. A tangy, creamy Greek yogurt sauce pairs perfectly with the peppery meat. 

Photo: Jennifer Causey


Adding quinoa to the meat mixture acts as a binder and also packs in extra protein. A tahini drizzle adds a nutty, balanced sweetness to the mix. 

Photo: Erin Kunzel


Think of these as a cooler and trendier update on your tired shrimp cocktail. Skewers mean it's easy pick-up and cleanup at parties, and the vivid green chimichurri sauce is visually stunning. 


Gloriously herby, the real standout ingredient in this summertime dish are the blueberries. Use any leftover berry salsa on small toast with Camembert or goat cheese for a condiment that can do double duty. 

Photo: Christopher Testani


Citrusy, pepper, and herby, sumac brings complex, lemony flavor to this lamb dish. If you don't have any on hand, you can substitute the sumac for grated lemon rind. 

Photo: Jennifer Causey


A tangy, sweet, and spicy glaze caramelizes to sticky perfection on these kebabs. Serve these skewers with jasmine rice mixed with sliced green onions and lime rind strips to round out the meal. 


Salmon, honey, and lemon are an impeccable combo, and charred asparagus adds crisp texture. At only 220 calories per serving, this is a great, lighter addition to your grilling gamut. 

Photo: Randy Mayor


Don't let veggies have all the fun. Grilled plums add sweet, caramelized tang to garlicky chicken with aromatic basil. Savory meets sweet in these kebabs for the best of both worlds. 

Photo: Stephen Devries


Chinese five-spice powder and red pepper bring the heat while minced ginger and orange juice bring the sweet aromatics. 

Photo: Randy Mayor


Another lighter skewered dish, these kebabs are only 194 calories per serving. Citrus, jalapeño, and pineapple make for bright, vibrant flavor that's perfect for summertime grilling. 

Photo: Stephen Devries


Noodles and kebabs make a complete meal in this dish that includes East Asian inspired flavors. Soba noodles have a delicious and hearty chew, while fresh cilantro and green onions brighten up the peanuty sauce of the chicken. 


Marinating the chicken in Greek yogurt adds tang and acts as a tenderizer, while cumin, ginger, and coriander keep it flavorful and fresh. 

Photo: Randy Mayor


Your vegetarian friends will thank you for this meat-free option, but your carnivorous guests will love this recipe too. Multicolored bell peppers also make for a beautiful presentation. 

Photo: Randy Mayor


A traditional combination of mint and lamb pairs with crisp, fresh cucumber and tomatoes to balance the meaty char.