I don't know about you, but awards shows ALWAYS make me want to snack. Take your Emmy snacks to the next level with gorgeous fun containers for your perfect popcorn.

By Grace Guffin
Updated: May 31, 2017
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Mark your calendars. The  will air (for the 69th year in a row) on September 17, 2017.

With Stephen Colbert as the , you're surely in for a treat.

But here's how to truly treat yourself for this year's Emmy Awards: Pop some fresh popcorn, an easily guilt-free (yet totally indulgent-feeling) snack, and enjoy the show. Popcorn is such a simple, healthy snack, that you can easily spice up or add some flavor to—without overdoing it. Throw in some fresh herbs, like rosemary for example, and grate some cheddar or parmesan on top of it. Ditch the butter, and opt for some olive oil, ghee, or avocado oil. 

Here are some Emmy-worthy popcorn accessories for the big night (or really any night):


1. , 19.95

This adorable popper is such a quick and easy way to make fresh, healthy popcorn in only a minute and a half. No oil is necessary when using this popper. Whether you're entertaining for the Emmy's or just enjoying them solo, this popcorn maker will make your life so much easier.


2.  (4 Pack), 26.79

Yes, the brand you've come to love and trust makes its own whole grain, unsalted, fiber-packed popcorn. These golden kernels are exactly what you need for a night like this.


3. , 19.99

This golden serving bowl is so Emmy-appropriate, you'll feel like you just won an Emmy yourself.


4. , 15.99

These adorable popcorn boxes are ideal for serving a larger group. 


5. , 4.95-9.95

These classic popcorn boxes are like a walk down memory lane. 



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