This warm, earthy element adds a kick of spice to skin-care and body products.

By Cindy Hatcher
October 22, 2013
Photo: Randy Mayor

($22) The shiny (yet not tacky) formula in this cinnamon-flavored gloss contains cinnamon and pink pepper oils, which provide a temporary plumping effect.

($49) This light gel instantly absorbs into skin, quickly drying to a matte finish ideal for oily or combination skin types. The addition of cinnamon lends natural antibacterial properties.

($86) Ideal for dry skin, this creamy daily moisturizer helps balance, repair, and rejuvenate skin, courtesy of Sri Lankan cinnamon.

($3) Bold cinnamon flavor busts up bad breath, while the liquid gel formula goes to work removing surface stains for a brighter smile.

($14) Deliciously fall-like fragrance with notes of pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon. The formula is light, so it's ideal for layering (or adding just a hint of scent).

  ($16.50) The moisturizing formula of this fragrant 3-in-1 cleanser gets hair and skin squeaky clean and leaves behind a yummy dessert-quality scent.