Essence of this zingy fruit enlivens body scrubs, suds, and creams.

By Cindy Hatcher
Updated: June 09, 2014
Photo: Randy Mayor; Styling: Blakeslee Wright Giles, Lindsey Lower

($22.50) Dry skin gets the squeeze with this skin exfoliator, which uses sugar to scrub and grapefruit to freshen.

($10) Grapefruit extract and argan oil are the spot busters in this moisture-rich cream. Daily use for four weeks promises assistance in minimizing dark spots below the neck.

($21) A luxurious foam scented with ruby red grapefruit, agave, guava, and lemon blossom.

($30) Citrus extract provides deep cleansing, astringent qualities while jojoba and aloe vera oils soften.

($65) Brightened by notes of grapefruit, freshened with freesia, and rounded out by amber undertones.

($22) Plant extracts cleanse and nourish in this sudser that's scented with pink pomelo grapefruit.

($22.50) Absorbs quickly and penetrates with shea butter to moisturize.


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