By Cindy Hatcher
Updated: January 30, 2017

So you’ve probably (hopefully?) done most of your big present shopping, but what about that lonely, limp stocking? Here are some beauty and grooming ideas for your fellow mantle mates.

FOR MOM:-       ($16.50, ). OK, this sounds a little hippy-ish at first, but stay with me here. This blend of essential oils is scented with peppermint and chamomile. Dot a little on the back of your neck and your temples—just stay clear of eyes—when you have a headache or are feeling stressed. It’s calming, it’s cooling. It’s what mom needs.

-       ($25, ). Three small sizes of fashion-forward (but not too forward) polish colors: A creamy blue, a nice neutral, and a sparkling raspberry that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve.

FOR LITTLE SISTER:-       ($11, ). Fruity flavor and six shades that are totally wearable (and sheerly subtle). She can mix and match to find the perfect color combo, and the packaging is totally fun.

-       (from $5, ). This collection of hair ties and headbands pulls double duty as fashion-forward bracelets and necklaces when not doing their original job of holding her hair back.

FOR DAD:-       ($15, ). Well, yes, it’s a nose and ear hair trimmer. Not glamorous, but probably much needed. If the hint is too heavy to drop, try subbing the brand’s excellent ($20, ). It’ll get the basics covered.

-       ($7, ). This menthol-based formula is quickly absorbed to help soothe achy, tired muscles. And the burly dude on the package will help dad feel more rugged.

FOR YOUR HUSBAND:-       ($8, ). So the name of this product might just be as long as your stocking, but it’ll help soothe irritated, dry winter skin and give him a layer of sun protection—all without leaving your smooching surface slippery.

-       ($17, ). A goof-proof way to keep him looking good on the go, this kit includes deodorant and dirt-removing sponges, collar guards, and pit protectors—all in travel-friendly (and fun!) packaging.