The most sugary fruit juice will blow your socks off.

Lauren Kolm Rebecca Firkser
August 07, 2017

You might not think a tall glass of fruit juice is loaded with sugar, but it really is. Even when labeled 100 percent juice, even just 8 ounces of fruit juice packs a wallop in the sugar department. Although a recent study published by that children under the age of 1 shouldn’t drink fruit juice, people of every age in the US come in with the fruity drinks just as often as little kids. Considering that some fruit juices can have as much (or more) sugar per serving as most brands of soda, opting for juice instead of soft drinks may not be doing yourself as much of a favor as you think. So before you sip on another gin and juice, check out this graphic to see how much sugar you’re about to slurp down.

If you just can’t give up your juice habit, reach for the lowest sugar-containing juice: tomato (did you forget it was a fruit for a minute too?). It has just 6 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving, making it the best choice for anyone watching their sugar intake. OK, we get if that’s a little too savory for you, so opt for watermelon (12 grams of sugar) or grapefruit juice (17 grams) if you really need something fruity. So, which juice is the sweetest of them all? According to our research, it’s grape juice, clocking in at 36 grams, with pomegranate juice close behind at 32 grams.

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