Rebecca Longshore
April 03, 2015

Easter is this Sunday, and your office might be filled with egg- and bunny-shaped goodies in tempting pastel wrappers. But think again before grabbing a handful of these sugary treats—just one Cadbury Creme Egg clocks in at 150 calories, 6g of fat, 24 carbs, and 20g of sugar! There are better options out there, however, and you can find a full nutrition chart of the most popular Easter candy .

With the increase in healthy snacks at grocery stores now, you can fill your kids’ baskets with much more nutritious options. I searched the latest snacks and goodies at and to find five healthier snacks and desserts to fill those Easter baskets this year.

1. First up, we have Bunny Graham Friends from  that make an adorable treat for your basket. Made with organic whole-grain wheat flour, these cookies pack in 8g of whole grains per serving. Fill 30 cookies into a colorful canning jar, such as  for only 130 calories, 4.5g fat, 0g sat fat, 90mg sodium, and 7g sugars.

2. Next, I found a Treasure Hunt trail mix in the bulk section of . This mix brings the Easter egg hunt to the basket and for only 140 calories per 1/4 cup. Though the saturated fat rings in at 2.5g, which is .5 higher than our recommended amount in a snack, you can decrease the portion size to about 1/8 cup and stuff plastic eggs with the mix for a fun, yet healthier surprise.

3. Freeze Dried assorted fruits, such as Just Strawberries from are another great idea for Easter basket treats—they are colorful, natural, and chock-full of vitamins. I found different versions of freeze dried fruit at both and . These snacks are great because they are all natural and have no added sugars. Throw a mix of freeze dried fruit in a clear canning jar to show off the colors of the fruit.

4. What’s Easter without chocolate, right?  While we do suggest skipping Reese’s 760-calorie Reester Bunny, these crunchy, slightly salty Dark Chocolate Almond are a delicious dessert that pack in 4g of protein and have just 220 calories, 13g fat, 6g sat fat, and 11g sugars per 1.4 oz. Wrap up a portion of these treats in parchment paper and tie with a colorful bow.

5. For a fruity candy-like taste and texture, choose these When you swap out 35 Jelly Beans for 2 Fruit Strips, you save 50 calories, 14g sugars, and 13g carbs. Throw these directly in Easter baskets.

Bonus: Everyone needs a carrot or two in their Easter basket! After all, it is what Peter Cottontail would suggest.

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