By Marie Silvio
September 02, 2015

For a long time I couldn’t quite understand the difference between whole-wheat and whole grain until a good friend of mine put it plainly: all whole-wheat is a whole grain but not all whole grain is whole-wheat.

And in the spirit of  it’s time you started expanding your whole grain repertoire. My current obsession is quinoa, with wild rice taking a very close second. Try working these beauties into dinnertime with a few of my favorite whole-grain mains.

Whole-grain farro bulks up this hearty Mediterranean salad.

Cooking the salmon with the skin on keeps the flesh silky and tender and bastes it with its own healthy fat.

Light cheese and a flour-and-milk mixture keep this chicken and wild rice soup creamy but surprisingly low in fat.

The mushroom mix here is a winning combo, but you can use any fresh variety that's readily available in your market.

For extra flavor, try tossing 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme into the crust.

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