By Grace Elkus
May 22, 2015

Join us each month as we round up our favorite seasonal posts from the 58wang Blogger Connection

This month’s theme is warm weather eats, and these produce-centric recipes show off the best of the season.

1. : Fresh fruit, jalapeño, cilantro, and jicama are tossed in a light lime dressing to create the 's salad. Serve it as a side, use it as a salsa, or pair with seared scallops for a fresh summer meal.

2. : Grilled zucchini slices are filled with creamy goat cheese in 's cute party appetizer. Not a fan of zucchini? Try 'em out with eggplant.

3. : Hearty portabella mushrooms stand in for pizza crust in these veggie-packed bites from . The melty mozzarella cheese has us coming back for seconds.

4. : Calling all vegetarians! Sweet grilled onions mingle with fresh zucchini and artichoke hearts in ' freeform galette.

5. : Juicy summertime peaches star in this caprese salad, which is lightly dressed in a honey vinaigrette.  says she licked the plate clean—and we're pretty sure we'll be doing that, too.

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