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October 15, 2009

Our reader bloggers were excited about the theme of this month's Virtual Supper Club: Cooking with Wine. Perfect for cooler months, wine is a key ingredient that can lend a distinct fragrance and another layer of flavor to your cooking, whether you're sauteing fish, simmering soup, or adding a splash to a dessert or side dish. Plus, it's enjoyable to sip while you cook.

"For me this would be a bit of a challenge," says Shelby, a Virtual Supper Club member who blogs about cooking on . "I don't really drink wine much less know what to buy for cooking with it!"

As a general rule, you should cook with a wine that you'd enjoy drinking. But if you don't drink wine, that shouldn't stop you with experimenting with it as a flavor-enhancing ingredient.

Shelby consulted a wine-loving friend, who referred her to a Chardonnay for the recipe that she brought to this month's table. (That's her yummy-looking photo at left.) She says she was pleased with the results.

"It was great with apples," she wrote in , "but I also enjoyed it with some crusty French bread!"

I asked Associate Food Editor, Julie Grimes, for other good wine picks for this recipe. She suggested a riesling or a gewürztraminer would work well.

We hope you'll join us in uncorking a bottle to participate in this month's theme. Hope our menu inspires you.

October: Cooking with Wine Menu

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-- Shelby
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