They're good for so much more than breakfast, too.

By Cindy Hatcher
February 21, 2017
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Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The first meal of the day is having a moment. Whether it's from our Instragram-driven desire for the perfect shot or the need to gather at all times of day, we're collectively crazy for crafting the best breakfast and brunch. Fortunately, all it takes are a few key tools and a little liquid courage (be it in the form of a fresh cup of coffee or a mimosa).

To seek out the gear that speaks to your breakfast needs, we tapped our colleagues at your go-to spot for all things breakfast and brunch, including the latest news, trends, and top tips will outfit your kitchen for many morning meals to come.

"It's tempting to invest in the shiniest, most ergonomic thing, but the truth is that you need something that won't stress you out when it gets inevitable scorch marks on it," says Margaret Eby, Extra Crispy's culture editor. "Build from the essentials, like a good pan and a sharp knife."

Experts recommend grinding beans fresh. Then, your options for makers are plentiful: For those who like to control steep time, try 17-oz. $37. For serious coffee lovers, a extracts a great cup with a taste that's a connoisseur-approved. From $300.

We asked the Extra Crispy team for their favorite breakfast-themed books, and their picks ranged from the seriously instructional, like Bernard Clayton's and Mark Bittman's , to the seriously adorable, like . 

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Tools That Go Beyond Breakfast

"Breakfast prep goes so much smoother with a sharp knife," says Kat Kinsman, senior food and drinks editor at Extra Crispy. We like $80.

"I whip my eggs in a and it makes all the difference in the world for silky omelets," Kinsman says. From $50.

"You can scramble, you can scrape—you can do it all," says Meredith Turits, editorial director and general manager of Extra Crispy. Try , $22.

Perfect for bacon, great for eggs, and crisps up toasts in a pinch. Our experts favor pans from . "It will outlive you if cared for properly," says Extra Crispy site director Ryan Grim. $39.50.

Photo: Alison Miksch

The right model can perfectly brown batches of toasts or serve as an alternative oven for crowded kitchens. includes a light to better see what's cooking, $270.

Photo: Alison Miksch

Our experts sing the praises of classic cast-iron waffle irons, like , which boasts a slimmer profile and comes unhinged when you're ready to clean, $78.

Photo: Alison Miksch

"A nonstick frying pan will get you through just about every breakfast recipe you want to make," Turits says. Kinsman loves her . "It completely changed my omelet game," she says, $25.

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