One producer in France created a vegan Camembert—and customers can’t get enough.  

By Zee Krstic
Updated: February 12, 2018
Photo: Les Petit Veganne

Whether you're lactose intolerant, trying out a vegan diet for the first time, or have been dairy-free for years, you'll be happy to hear that cheese doesn’t have to be off the menu. One French entrepreneur has developed a vegan Camembert cheese using cashew milk that is so good, it sold out almost immediately.  

Anne Guth is the 28-year-old cheesemonger behind , where she sells an array of faux cheeses with plant-forward ingredients that cleverly mimic authentic fromage.

Guth uses the same process to make her vegan “cheese” as traditional cheese makers do—minus the curdling stage, since she doesn’t use milk, .

While this vegan cheese is strikingly similar to a real Camembert, Guth had to label her product a "vegetable specialty" due to France's food quality laws. To be labeled as authentic Camembert, it must come from the Normandie region. Les Petits Veganne operates out of Sarralbe in the northeast Moselle region, near the border shared by Germany and Luxembourg.

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All of Guth's cheeses are currently sold out—the vegan Camembert sells for around, but you can also find vegan versions of turmeric-steeped cheese, garlic soft spread, and bleu cheese. It's unclear when the Camembert will be available again, but Guth says she's trying to ramp up production to keep up with heavy interest.

Maybe you're looking to experiment with vegan cheese a little bit closer to home? There's a few options, ranging from spreads to block cheese, that are definitely in stock and in your vicinity:



This —in our taste test, we especially loved the ricotta cheese, chive cream cheese, the jalapeno cream cheese.


2) Chao Sliced Cheeses

The combo of make this dairy-free cheese ultra-rich, especially in a vegan grilled cheese sandwich.


3) Follow Your Heart Block Cheeses

A favorite among shoppers at Albertsons and many health food stores, sells vegan monterey jack, cheddar, and mozzarella cheeses . It's a great dairy-free option for your cheese plate.


4) Daiya Assorted Vegan Cheeses

For a hearty vegan alternative to pepper jack cheese, is sold in wedges and makes for a great addition to any party spread.


5) Go Veggie! Grated Cheeses

Looking for a meltable vegan cheese? available at many Whole Foods, Target, and Publix locations that can stand up to some heat in the kitchen. Their grated vegan parmesan blend is a fantastic option for savory dishes.


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