Think beyond the cup.

Rebecca Firkser
April 11, 2018

I have three different types of in my fridge right now, and I guess that’s plenty. But really, I can never get enough of the creamy, tangy stuff. has been single-handedly improving my breakfasts lately, and I want to tell you all about it. Plain can go sweet or savory. It can be whisked into pancake batter or dolloped on avocado toast. It’s protein you can eat by the cupful, and you should be using it in your breakfast—and I don’t just mean grabbing a single-serving cup to slurp down on your way to work.

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Here are just a few ways yogurt can liven up your breakfast:

Under eggs

A thick swipe of 2 percent or full-fat Greek yogurt (seasoned with a bit of lemon juice, salt, and pepper if you’d like) under a poached or fried eggs makes for a rich and creamy meal. For an even more flavor-packed version of eggs and yogurt, make Turkish .

Oatmeal (and other grains)

Whether you’d prefer to mix yogurt into a recipe for overnight oats (or overnight quinoa, or barley, or rice) or top your oatmeal with a dollop or two, you won’t go wrong. Coconut yogurt and full-fat Greek yogurt work best as a topping and regular whole milk or lowfat yogurt work like a charm when stirred in. Though it’s technically classified as a cheese, Icelandic is also killer here.


Whole milk plain yogurt thinned out with a bit of water is a perfect swap for milk or in pancake and waffle batter. It also does a bang-up job in .


Slather your go-to type of yogurt (eater’s choice, but I like whole milk or 2 percent fat Greek) on toast or, better yet, a frozen waffle. Whisk the yogurt with a spoonful of tahini and top with a drizzle of honey for extra fun.


Mix whatever yogurt you have in the fridge with lemon juice, white wine vinegar, minced shallot, any chopped fresh herbs you have on hand, salt, and pepper for a super-creamy dressing for and savory crepes.

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Mix full-fat Greek yogurt or skyr with lightly sweetened whipped cream for a tangy topping like none other. Add a dollop to pancakes, , fruit salad, or scones—really, most sweet things will welcome the addition.

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